Ultimate Online Tax Filing Software Review: Turbotax vs Free File vs IRS

Tax season is here. It’s hard to believe that the year has come and gone. The first thing that comes to many people’s minds is that it is now tax season. There are many software programs out there that consumers can use to file their taxes. Different programs can have pros and cons. There is always the option of having someone else do your taxes but the cost can be expensive. Software programs on the internet today are easy to use and navigate. There are many ways that you can find tax information. One way is to follow financial experts like Rusty Tweed on twitter. Here are a few top places that have the best financial services for tax preparation on the web today.


Turbotax is a name that is very popular. Turbotax is one of the more expensive options on the web for filing taxes. It also has many options that some of the others do not have. The system gives discounts for certain things as well. These can include military discounts and returning users as well. They offer a version that can downloads on your desktop as well. Turbotax gives its clients the ability to work on your return in many different places. This is available with different systems. This includes the computer, tablet and it even has a mobile site. The information also has an option to upload a picture from your smartphone. After inputting all the information clients will go through a process. This process is where TurboTax will flag any areas that need revision or that don’t look right. If a client is using a paid version than Turbotax provides SmartLook. This is an added benefit that allows clients to gain help through a video source with a licensed tax expert. There is free audit support as well in case a return’s audited. Turbotax also has an option of getting your money downloaded to a card. NetSpend Premier Visa Prepaid debit card’s offered if a bank account is not available. Turbotax is more expensive but it has a lot more options as well.


· Easy to use

· Has the best features

· Support given 24/7

· Discounts available


· More expensive than other software programs

· Only used if filing a Form 1040A or a Form 1040EZ

Free File

There are many software programs found on the internet today. Free File is a system that is completely free to the client for filing. Unlike Turbotax, clients will receive their whole tax refund. It is also good for those who may end up owing taxes in the end. More pointers on financial services from a professional financial advisor found here. There are many programs that are alike in many ways. Like Turbotax, these sites point towards those who are filing a 1040 or a 1040EZ.


· Free to File

· Easy to Use

· Fast preparation time


· Does not use itemization for many things

· Few options within the software

· State taxes are not free to file

· Everything is not free. Cost applied for certain things on some sites.

· Only for those filing Form 1040 or Form 1040EZ

IRS Sites

IRS sites are the areas where most people are starting to lean towards. There are stipulations for using this type of software program. One stipulation is that the client must not have a gross income for the year over $64,000. If so then they are not able to use the IRS sites. The IRS sites are on their webpage. After going to the IRS website clients should click on the button that says File. Once that option’s chosen then they will decide which option is best for them. There are four choices. These include individuals, International, Business or government. The system is self-explanatory. If a problem or question arises there are guidelines clients can go by. Once completed it’s sent to the IRS automatically.


· Almost all the sites are free to use no matter how you are filing.

· Free access to professionals

· Straight from IRS themselves

· Sent directly to IRS. No middle man


· Only for clients who have a gross income of $64,000 or under

· Does not file state returns unless client pays for it

There are many software programs that can help clients file their taxes. Who they use comes down to a few questions and a clients preference. Many people still go their local tax agency or accountant to have them help them with their taxes. Many people like Rusty Tweed are available for any questions clients may have. This is still an option as well but one that may end up costing you even more in the long run.