David Gray Jr. There is Something for Everyone in Chicago

I’ve been to Chicago three times, but only once have I ever been in the city. Two of the times, I was within 15 minutes from the big buildings, but I was in the district and the most recent time I was only able to get as far as the Chicago O’Hare airport which is said to be the largest in the nation.

My first experience of Chicago was wonderful. I was only a young teenage boy and rather foolish I should say. I was there to visit my girlfriend at the time whom I had met online as well as her friends and family. They took me into the city and my mind, as a guy from a small town, was blown.

I saw people from all walks of life in one place. People that were from Israel, Jamacia, Texas and Scottland not to mention many more cities, all in Chicago. As I made these observations, I couldn’t help but to think how much money did it take to keep a city this massive going. I thought of how much water would be used and how much electrical power. It became clear how much money would be needed to power such a huge city once I tried playing SimCity.

Before leaving for Chicago, I was nervous because I knew it would be filled with so many different people. There would be more people in one church than I have in my entire city. I did research on the crime in Chicago to get a better idea of what I was dealing with. To put it bluntly, Chicago isn’t a friendly place, but it also depends on where you go within the city and at what times. I guess that’s where street smarts comes in.

Overall, Chicago is a fun place to be with lots of people to meet, if they care to meet you, and plenty of things to go. You can experience so much different culture just by visiting the various restaurants. There is something for everyone in Chicago.

Luigi Wewege Gives Unique Financial Advice

The good thing about money is that it comes and goes. Why is that a good thing? If you don’t have money now, that doesn’t mean you always won’t. Money, like everything else in the universe, follows the law of sowing and reaping; you receive what you give out selflessly. If you want love, give love and show it to others. If you want support, show support for others. If you want better health, give your body a healthier lifestyle. Money is no different and this is what big businessmen around the world have already learned.”

“I learned from a millionaire many years ago,” says Luigi Wewege, “The two main differences in the wealthy and the poor is their mentality and their hands. A wealthy man has his hands wide open with money for people to take and opportunities to give more to him. A poor person has their money clenched tightly. People can’t get anything out, but God can’t put anything in.” he continued.

From a recent poll and survey hosted in 2014, the happiest people and more abundant people are the ones who give to others. Investing to those less fortunate than us is among one of the best investment ideas for your money in the quickly approaching year of 2016.

If you are thinking of other things investments for your money, you’re more financially wise than you may have originally thought. If you want to keep on with that wisdom, getting serious about your emergency funds should be at the top of your list. Anything can happen at any time and being prepared is smart. If you lost your job, having an emergency fund to fall back on is going to support you until you find more work. What if you get into a car accident? Having an emergency fund to soften the blows of medical bills could have you living stress free, or at least will less stress than you would have if you hadn’t prepared for such emergencies.