David R. Gray Jr. Reviews BoldLeads Real Estate Marketing

I recently post a BoldLeads.com review so check that one out first.

When it comes to generating a large volume of high-quality leads, real estate agents have long known just how critical it is to have a sound marketing strategy in place. Ideally, this strategy is one that can be utilized in a manner that drives clients to the agent on a consistent basis without requiring a great deal of time and effort to do so. While this idea may have previously existed only in the minds of the most optimistic real estate professionals, I have now come to believe that BoldLeads has created what I would define as an ideal system for generating leads that are also more likely to be converted into clients.

Through the use of the system developed by BoldLeads, I have been able to operate with far greater efficiency and have converted a greater percentage of leads into clients. Not only did the quality of the available leads improve, but I also have access to a greater quantity of leads and have since established a consistent pipeline that replenishes itself through the automated system implemented by BoldLeads. After using this system for quite some time now, I have developed a deep appreciation for the fact that BoldLeads reviews the information the potential leads provide and then sorts that information in a manner that has simplified my responsibilities in a significant way.

Having spent so many years in the industry, it is hard to express just how long agents have been in need of a more efficient approach to lead generation. I have spoken with several other real estate agents in different markets who have expressed similar feelings about BoldLeads, with each one of us improving our conversion rates by a wide margin and devoting far fewer hours to lead generation than ever before.

For more information on increasing conversion rates, check out this article from XL, 13 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates. Marketing Sherpa has great insight into the data of conversion rates. Then Smarter Insights says that, “conversion rate is a horrible metric” hereBold Leads Home Valuation.

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