A Review Of My Patriot Supply’s Pack III First Aid Kit

I this review I’d like to cover something very practical: emergency preparedness. In particular, I will provide an in depth review of a recent product I used, called the Pack III First Aid Kit, from My Patriot Supply.

I first heard about this well reputed emergency supply company when I started doing research about how to be better prepared for an emergency. It is each of our personal responsibilities to consider what would happen if an unexpected emergency were to strike ourselves or our families. How would we react? Where would we go? What difficulties might we face, and how would we survive them?

Because of the massive wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and threats of war that our country has been facing over the last several years, I started to ponder these questions with more intensity.

When I found MPS I was relieved. They make emergency preparedness easy. One can purchase a three month food supply, water filtration items, blankets, fuel, and much more. I started out with smaller items and plan to work my way upwards as I progress along my path of learning about how to be best prepared for worse case scenarios. The first aid kit which I will review here is called the Pack III First Aid Kit, and it has 51 items within it.

From a survivalist perspective, I can imagine the items coming in very useful, though I hate to think about actually using them. For example, the kit contains a steel needle. This shows that in dire situations, one may have to use pioneer style medicine. It is hard to think about a situation like this in our modern culture, but the brains behind MPS have considered all of the implications of catastrophic events for us, and planned appropriately. The kit also includes bandages of several sizes, adhesive strips and gauze for treating larger wounds, and antiseptic and alcohol pads for sterilizing wounds and preventing infection.

In addition, the kit contains scissors, ammonia inhalants (for reviving someone quickly who has lost consciousness), moleskin, and travel towels. It is amazing how the designers have fit all of these products and more into a small 6 ounce package. The kit measures about 5″ by 7″ by 1″, give or take. I like the small size, because I know that I would like to be able to mobilize quickly in the case of an emergency. Having this kit makes me feel more responsible, prepared, and proud that I could be of service to others who may not have thought ahead.

If medical supplies intimidate you, you are not alone. When I first looked through the kit I was not sure what I would use half of the items for. Thankfully, this well thought out package also comes with a first aid guide which spells out some simple first aid techniques for a beginner such as myself.

I enjoyed reading through the guide and learning some basic first aid techniques. This first aid kit would be perfect for anyone who wants a light weight travel sized first aid kit to put into their emergency preparedness kit, to use only in the case of catastrophes. It would also work well for someone planning an expedition where they will be removed from civilized medical care. The size of the kit lends itself to traveling as it is easily pack-able.

I would not recommend this kit for someone looking for first aid supplies to use on a daily basis, as the limited number of bandages might run out quickly. This kit is meant to serve people in the case of an emergency, and the well thought out items would work together well to treat injuries in the case of a dire catastrophe.

A Comprehensive Review Of The Impact of Virtual Reality Technology In Real Estate Development

Everyone in the real estate industry is looking for a cheaper and more accurate solution to design and presentation, and one of the solutions that have come out recently is virtual reality, which is gaining ground in application. Many real estate companies have sought to use virtual reality as a tool in the design of structures and according to those that were able to review the benefits of this technology, they found more reasons to expand its application in favor of traditional development methods. If you are yet to understand how virtual reality can benefit you as a real estate entrepreneur, here are things you need to know.

Faster, cheaper design

When you choose to design structures using virtual reality software, you are able to complete the work within a shorter period of time, and this is at the benefit of also enjoying high accuracy and spending less. The software offers many templates that can be used in place of parts you could have taken a lot of time designing. All you have to do is to click once and you have the walls colored and the finishes of other parts applied.

It is simpler to use such a system as you are not required to offer sample designs on a board, which again saves on resource consumption hence the cheaper aspect of it. Additionally, while presenting the project, more people are able to interpret it, which might not be the case when you use other methods to present your project. It also allows you to create a walk-though that can enable users to visit different areas of the structure remotely. While marketing a project, using this technology is the easiest way to get clients to understand the different amenities and features included.

Virtual visits

While many clients want to visit the property physically to see what is included and to feel the effect of different amenities, virtual reality has helped create an experience that is close to this. Virtual tours are the best way one can visit property without necessarily traveling, and with the virtual tours the technology also allows one to propose changes to the property, which in effect makes the buyer feel present and accorded the sense of ownership that is absent when they visit for inspection physically. This is a useful technology that factors in the needs of both parties involved.

Easier approval process

All construction plans have to be reviewed by construction regulation authorities for approval, and this has been a challenge that many companies in real estate have had to deal with. Virtual reality, however, helps to explain the plan better and the fact that there are fewer errors makes it possible for one to enjoy a smooth approval process. Other things that might come into play to delay approval include safety measures, which to understand you can seek help from a personal injury attorney Tampa. Applying technology in the construction industry has eased the challenges many face while implementing their projects, so you could try it as well.

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